Discovery Cruise – Stavanger to Alesund

Adonia parped at 3.30pm – the bitch! A quick run with my bad back onto the deck and she was already moving away.

Our pilot was late but once he was aboard, off we went.

Afternoon tea with Voyages of Discovery is a very different experience to the likes of Cunard, P&O and others. None of this la-di-da crusts off bites of sandwiches. Instead it’s a buffet where you choose the sandwich filling on white or brown, toasted or not. There are cakes and biscuits as well as scones. You have to get your own drink though.

It was quite pleasant out but then we started hitting some rough sea – yay! After dinner, the quiz was hosted by new girl Helen, who would be the cruise director from the next cruise. The nitpicker from the previous one didn’t turn up. Because we weren’t in Flam too long, it was an early night rather than show and midnight munchies.

My favourite port on the 30th – Flam! Now Geiranger is the fave of many cruisers but as a ship nut, you cannot beat Flam. Apart from getting absolutely breathtaking photos of your ship, there is also so much to explore. The train is probably very nice but I’d rather just walk around because you come across amazing scenery everywhere. If I had my way, EVERY cruise line would go to Flam. Maybe SOLAS can add a new regulation. 😉 It was a very early job to photograph Discovery’s interiors while the rest of the passengers were asleep. Some, surprisingly, we awake! You don’t get that on main lines. It was pouring with rain – ugh! We docked later than scheduled.

Throughout the day it was mostly dry, thankfully, with the odd shower. We would be doing something unusual – moving to anchor! This would be because Artania was due for noon while we were sailing at 2pm (originally) 1.30pm. So after wandering around for pics of her docked, it was back on to grab the laptop and kill time until she was about to move.

The internet was slower than the ship, even the Captain gave up! Some of the crew were Skyping people back home, which is probably why. She was about fifteen minutes late. She’s making a habit of that at this port. But she looked gorgeous as she moved away from the berth and dropped her anchor.

About 11.40am, something white began to emerge from behind the rocks – Artania was coming! Aboard was Dirk Steffan, a friend from Facebook and now we finally got the chance to meet. It was a Princess reunion – Island and Royal! At least they were still loved by their passengers.

Dirk managed to get off and we had about 20 minutes before I got my tender back. I didn’t realise the last one was now 1.30pm. The Daily Programme said last at 1pm, sailing 2pm. I could have stayed longer – grrr! It was great meeting him and next time will be longer! I loved the tenders of Discovery. They have open air seating at the stern while the rest is covered. Typically the heavens opened as we were going to the ship!

As I was waiting for sailaway, I read on Twitter than the ship was going to Cruise and Maritime Voyages in February 2013, replacing Ocean Countess. It is such a shame. CMV don’t do the sort of itineraries Voyages of Discovery do despite charging similar fares, especially for singles.

We stopped in Gudvagen to pick up soaking tour passengers. The weather was horrendous, windy and wet. I ended up sheltering under a lifeboat! It seemed better by the time we left less than two hours later so I went onto the stern. Anthony, our wine waiter, also works in the Discovery Lounge, came out and we had a chat.


After dinner was the quiz, hosted by Helen again, who seemed less nervous than the previous night. We won – yay!!! It was another tie-break, as three teams had 6 points. I guessed that right too! The show following Paul’s singing was the Filipino crew one and it was excellent. Our cabin steward, Arjay, was in it too and dancing with several other men.

Buffet then bed!

Alesund was the penultimate port and was pretty gloomy so a quick look on deck after lunch then off about an hour later.

The train taking you around town and the viewing point stopped earlier and there was no way I could walk up 418 steps so I wandered around instead before returning to the ship.

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  1. Sheila says:

    Great comments and great photos Pat!!!!! Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself xx

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