Discovery Cruise – Alesund to Harwich

For our sailaway, we had a fireboat. No idea why but it was lovely. The weather had also improved greatly, as it seems to all cruise – crap morning, lovely afternoon.

It was pirate night in the restaurant, although they looked more like convicts! It was quite fun though, but Eric, our heard waiter, wasn’t dressed up.

Quiz afterwards, midnight buffet then bed.

Bergen was our last port on the 1st September. I got up late and went on the dock to take some photos after lunch. It wasn’t raining – wooo!

By the time sailaway came round, it was wet and windy but thankfully stopped raining as we approached the bridge.

It was the second booze up but I couldn’t be bothered going so met the rest at dinner.

We arrived at the quiz as the answers were being given out! Stayed a few hours before going to bed.

The 2nd September was a sea day as we slowly headed back to Harwich. We had a bridge visit at 10.30am so had to get up. No special privilege. You just ask and put your name down.

After lunch, I saw AIDAluna through the window heading the opposite way so had seen her on both sea days.

Bit of a lazy rest of the day. After dinner it was the quiz, midnight buffet, bags out and bed after seeing Saga Ruby through the window.

Early start on the 3rd as we returned to Harwich after a fabulous cruise.

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