Vision of the Seas Cruise – Copenhagen to Bremerhaven

Vision of the Seas beckoned in Copenhagen but I had to get there first! I was using Royal Caribbean’s air, which I’d been satisfied with when sailing with sister line, Celebrity. The SAS flight from Heathrow Terminal 3 was very comfy, especially since I’d struck lucky with leg room. No upgrade but only the cabin steward chair in front so I could stretch out!

An Intercruises rep for Royal Caribbean was waiting in baggage reclaim so once we’d collected them, we were to wait by the currency exchange as a flight from the US was still expected. As soon as everyone was together, we were led to the buses for the journey to the port. I had left the ship in the same dock in May 2011 so it was great going to her. A pity the rain started as soon as we moved off! Check in was hell! You would think, since this was almost 2.30pm most of the passengers would have already boarded and the terminal empty. Far from it. After security in the tent, you had to join the queue for check in. Thankfully I was a Platinum Crown & Anchor member so had priority embarkation, but I still had to fight my way through the masses to get to that line. It reminded me of Norwegian Epic in Rotterdam, except that had the excuse of being broken. One thing they didn’t warn about was taking your passport so you needed another form of photo ID, which was no good if you don’t drive like me. Thankfully they made a copy of the passport. Even boarding was chaos. They’d hold people back or just let them through and stand in the rain. I don’t understand how a port like Copenhagen, used to turnarounds by now, can still be so amateurish with no proper terminals.

I couldn’t be bothered going to the Windjammer with that amount of people pushing and shoving so I just went straight to my cabin, went for a brief wander on deck then returned there until muster. The rain had stopped – wooo! Let’s hope it stayed dry.

Cabin 3512

Muster was on the open deck as always but you didn’t need your lifejacket, unlike last time I sailed this ship. This really annoys me, especially in the wake of the Costa Concordia accident. How the hell are new passengers meant to manage if they 1) don’t have a go putting it on and 2) can’t see the muster guides? This whole thing should have been standardised instead of just saying before leaving port. Roll call and wearing your jacket should be important, but sadly aren’t to the regulators. They’re too busy banning wood on ships in favour of more dangerous modern materials and coming up with stupid regulations. RCCL prides itself on its Save the Waves programme, yet does not have a bin for used batteries like P&O, Cunard and MSC. Sailaway was 5pm and no horn blowing, unless it happened when I wimped out after the wet stuff began again.

AIDAcara in Copenhagen

Dinner was fun, despite only me turning up at the table. So far my dietary requirement was dealt with very well. Also it was confirmed the drinking water DOES contain salt, so I was right avoiding it. Little bouncy but she’s good for it.

Oslo was the first port and what a glorious day it was.

I’d booked a walking tour but had to go back within half an hour due to my back starting to twinge. It wasn’t as bad as it had been but I didn’t want to push it. So lots of pics of my gorgeous girly then back on in time for lunch!

As I was dozing, a maintenance man came to fix a drawer in the bedside table my steward had reported. Sailaway was 7pm and he blew the horm – wooo! Pity then he did it again twice later when everyone was inside – grrr!

Couldn’t be bothered with the Captain’s party. Been to one, been to them all. Just dinner, shopping and bed. Bumpy again but still not as much as I’d like!

Sea day on the Sunday so nice and lazy apart from UK immigration.

Now Deck 3 was SUPPOSED to be from 12.30pm only at noon they were still on 7 (which had been called about 11.20am) and everyone was told 30-45 minutes so go and have lunch. At 1pm it was the same! They let people go in and wait though, who were then called by row per side once deck 4 had been dealt with. So by 1.45pm I was done. They scanned your SeaPass card as you exited rather then entered, as had happened on Constellation on the 6th. Did bugger all day until going for a drink in the Schooner Bar before the first show, which was a Beach Boys thing starring West Side at 7pm.

Dinner then bed due to my early start.

Bremerhaven on the 17th, and it was our maiden call! It was pretty windy and I had to get to the theatre for the tour so didn’t see us dock.

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