Celebrity Constellation Cruise – Le Havre to Bilbao

After dinner I went for our 11pm sailaway, only we left about fifteen minutes early! I was tweeting about waiting as we moved off. There hadn’t been any pre-departure announcement from Captain Peppas. We were heading into rough seas – wooo! Though it’s wasted at night so I hoped it would still be bad for our sea day.

The internet wouldn’t connect so I gave up.

Being unable to sleep, I decided about 3am to try the internet again and this time it worked – hooray! At 5am I returned to bed. The sea was reasonable for most of it but getting bumpier as the night progressed. Connie creaks like a good ‘un, especially my window. I was up at 11am and went for lunch. Really lazy day today and a little rough, maybe force 6-7.

It was formal night and after dinner was the Captain’s toast in the theatre followed by iHollywood. I had seen this show last December and thoroughly enjoyed it so didn’t mind seeing it again.

Captain Peppas

I hope they’ll do the one with the dragon on this cruise. Then it was time for bed.

The 17th was Le Verdon, a port I hadn’t been to since the 25th October 2008 on the QE2 when we had 25c temperatures and lots of sun. This was 17c with rain, wind and cold! I had a shuttle booked for 10.15pm but due to my back, try to avoid high gangways. Why they don’t have it on deck 2 as well as 3 I’ll never know. So I stayed in bed, getting the shuttle just before noon since it had stopped raining. I thought I’d have to buy another ticket since I’d missed my time but they said I could use it. Had a wander around Surlac-sur-mer for about an hour. Many places were closed or closing for lunch, maybe because of the weather so not many tourists. The shuttle service was much better organised than Cunard’s 4 years previously.

Then some dock pics of my gorgeous Connie before going for lunch.

They promptly sent someone to look at the safe, which only needed the battery changing. My usual curry in the Seaside. Oh these are to die for! Sorry, P&O, but yours are rubbish in comparison. After dinner I tried to go out for pics but security said the port authority aren’t allowing anyone to walk on the dockside and tomorrow they will stop people too. How bloody stupid when there is plenty of light around the place Bilbao better let me or there’ll be bloodshed!

Another lazy day for Le Verdon day 2 so I went to Bistro on Five after getting up after 1pm. No idea what I’d been dreaming of but I’d managed to separate the beds a little way and woke up between. My waitress was a lovely girl from the Ukraine who was on her second contract. I like that place.

Our departure was 6pm and there was a call for a family 15 mins before. The gangway was ready to be removed when at 6.01pm, a shuttle arrived with them on. Then we were off into slightly bumpy seas.

Went to Perry Grant’s theatre show. It was on my birthday last December but I was coming down with flu so had to miss it.  It was excellent and slightly different to his shows in Michael’s Club.

Bought his CD/DVD afterwards then went to the Senior Officers party. It was heaving. Celebrity really need to revamp the Captain’s Club like sister line Royal Caribbean have. It’s far too easy to get 10 points leading to too many Elite. This cruise takes me to that level but I’m happy if I was relegated to something and Elite was, say, 100 points. As I was leaving, Captain Peppas appeared, having been on the bridge dealing with our pilot, who was helicoptered off.

Another great dinner then bed because I had a tour in Bilbao.

Bilbao was wet and ugh! My group was number 25 and we went to the bus. Quite a few people didn’t go. The tour was okay and by the time we arrived at the suspension bridge about 11.25am, it had stopped raining. We then carried on back to the ship.

Before I re-boarded, I took photos of the ship. One of the crew said I could of the bow while the one checking your card said no. Thankfully a couple of people from Intercruises, the shipping agent, were there and the man said it was okay to.

At 5.15pm there was Verea de Enmedio doing Flamenco which was good but pretty much all the same type of thing from them all.

The sunset was amazing, especially considering the awful weather during the day. I missed the show for that and people even came out of the Tuscan Grille to take photos.

After dinner it was time for bed. I had planned to take night photos of the ship but by that time the gangway was too high for my back so I thought I’d sleep for a couple of hours and see when it lowered.

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