Celebrity Constellation Cruise – Bilbao to Southampton

Since the gangway was still too high when I went to bed, I decided to check a few hours later because I really wanted night shots but slept through the alarm. We sailed in the rain.

Yet within a few hours it had changed drastically, Bay of Biscay like glass.

And to top it off, a beautiful sunset!

Vigo was the next day, arriving for noon and we had sun – woo!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was our best day so far! I had lunch outside then took pics. The dock was barricaded off meaning so pics alongside – bugger that. No point getting off with a bad back then.

A lazy day since they spoiled my fun and we sailed at 8pm.

It was Sue Denning’s one woman show after dinner. I’d missed this in December due to flu from the freezing aircon around the ship so it was great to see her perform. Absolutely brilliant and hilarious as well as extremely talented. Afterwards it was to Perry in Michael’s Club and I was able to get a seat.

Leixoes for Porto was our final stop before returning to Southampton. The rain was awful, making the port gangways a serious safety hazard. I almost slipped twice getting off and it was from deck 2. None of the crew helped anyone. I heard later someone did fall and was taken away in an ambulance. The tour was okay. We went to the old Stock Exchange building (no photos allowed) then the Igreja de São Francisco next door. Now they didn’t allow photos in the church too which is a bit rich considering you have to pay to go in the bloody thing! They take enough of our money so a few photos won’t hurt. The steps practically killed my back. I’d asked the girl at shore excursions for something EASY. She said nothing about these bloody steps. We went on a city tour, dropping a quartet of French people off to shop, then returned to the ship. At least it had stopped raining!

Igreja de São Francisco

Our sailaway was 6pm and we overlooked where they were building the new terminal building.

After dinner it was time to play Hunt The Indy as she was heading from Vigo to Lisbon while we went north. With a little help from my friend Fay, I managed to find her – just! She was so far out it was hard spotting her. We were also in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Another lie in for a sea day as we trundled through the By of Biscay slower than a snail but we had great weather! Well sunny but very windy.

Our sunset was amazing!

It was our last formal night and the Baked Alaska Parade! Sadly flame had been banned since last year (always was on Solstice class). Makes it a bit boring since no one does anything now. How about just stopping waving the napkins which whack people?

The fabulous Loreto!

After dinner was the fantastic show, The Land of Make Believe, which I saw in December.

A little bouncy for our last day but not too bad. A woman got off at Porto to fly home after hearing the Bay would be bad. It wasn’t – unfortunately!

It was Elegant Tea for Elite members at 3.30pm. No one checked your card so anyone could have gone in really. Back in 2010 they had this for everyone, which I think was a good idea.

This is one thing I love about Celebrity. I had much veg, so I had what I liked. John complained about the lack of mashed potato one night and got more as sort of silver service, as I had with my veg.

Cases out, bed then our too early Southampton arrival and far too soon, time to leave.

Passing the QEII Terminal where we’d started

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2 Responses to Celebrity Constellation Cruise – Bilbao to Southampton

  1. People jump ship and fly home because of possible rough weather? I had a chuckle at that!

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