Independence OTS Cruise – Lisbon to Tenerife

We and Columbus 2 were both due to sail at 6pm so I went to the Diamond lounge just after 5pm for a while then headed out. We were late but then so was Columbus 2! I found out later someone had been taken away from ours by ambulance while the husband went in a taxi so we were now 2 less. Anyway at 6.13pm Columbus 2 moved and I watched as she came closer but then I saw we were nearing the bridge! I do wish Captain Remo would give PRE-departure announcements rather than POST ones. We blasted going under, deep, bellowing farts. Then Columbus 2 piped up with weak parps. Bless. She seems to go ahead but then dropped back as we took the lead with our wider girth and longer legs. Any messing and we’d have flattened her! Suddenly there was a bright light followed by a couple of parps, which I presume was the pilot boat. Well Captain Remo had delivered some brilliant news – it would be moderate to rough tomorrow – wooo!

Dinner at 8.30pm and because I said no broccoli and hate some of their other suggestions, Russel brought a Caesar salad on the side with my main! My room wasn’t done by the time I got back at 10pm so I went to kill some time. It’s never normally an issue when there’s more than one on my table but just me gets through fast.

It was a sea day as we headed to Gran Canaria and a lazy day. Rained most of it but towards the end, as I was in the Diamond lounge, the sun came out and we also had a wonderful rainbow. It was still raining though.

Didn’t do much. Just dinner and bed.

Gran Canaria was HOT! AIDAbella was with us, having already been there and would be leaving at midnight to our 7pm.

After nearly twice eating bell peppers which were hidden in the food (egg mayonnaise roll from Café Promenade then a chicken pizza from Jade where it was UNDER the cheese – neither of which mentioned them in the description but then there is far too much included in food on this ship, either hidden or cooked with, such as sautéed mushrooms as breakfast), I went ashore for some photos.

In the afternoon I went to Johnny Rockets but it’s really too much for one person. Fab food and service though. Must go again and be VERY hungry!

They were serving snacks in the Diamond lounge again so more people turned up. I went and down to deck 5 to enquire about a Vision cruise I’d been mulling over. I was already booked on her post-refit transatlantic but wanted to go on her once more as she was so ended up booking it through Karla. Our sailaway was 7pm, which I went to on the bow.

After dinner relaxed in the library although people seem to not understand what Quiet Zone means. I bet they yak on trains too!

Dining Room


Before bed I spotted Oceana passing, having left Tenerife that evening and was heading to Gran Canaria.

Tenerife was muggy and wet! I went straight off the ship for dock photos since it looked dry on the webcam and lucky I did as it rained later that afternoon. AIDAbella was with us again.

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