Independence OTS Cruise – Tenerife to Southampton

The afternoon’s weather wasn’t much better as we had heavy rain showers from nowhere.

Thankfully, by the time AIDAbella sailed at 4pm, it had stopped.

Our departure was 6pm only we went 20 minutes early. I really wished Captain Remo would do his departure speech BEFORE we left port rather than on the way.

During dinner it was dancing waiters. Okaaaaay! Whatever turns you on!

We caught up with AIDAbella, who was also going to Madeira but arriving two hours after us. It was pretty windy so they shut the starboard side of the Prom deck.

Madeira was raining as we arrived. Sea Cloud was already there and Balmoral arriving. I ended up going to the shelter of the Prom deck and as we docked, our German friend appeared on the horizon. Thankfully after breakfast it was dry.

I took the shuttle since it’s difficult walking far with my back only it went right past the usual drop off point at the marina, instead heading to the cable car! We hadn’t been told we would be twice as far away. With so much building work, the path was a nightmare. As I couldn’t walk to the marina then back, I had to pay 12 euros for a tour bus on top of the $10 spent on the shuttle ticket. The marina was stop 1, cable car stop 3. Then I had to walk back and was so glad my back held out until I got back to the cabin. Balmoral’s shuttle stopped there too and her passengers I met thought it was stupid.

After lunch it was time to see Sea Cloud sail. She needed a tug to pull her out and turn her but then carried on under her own steam.

Our sailaway was 3pm though we let the ropes go slightly early. It appeared to have stopped raining and was boiling too but once we hit open waters the wind whipped up. On the horizon was Sea Cloud in full sail.

After dinner I went to the library to kill time while my cabin was being done and found the books back – yay!

We had another sea day as we sailed towards La Coruna and some glorious weather!

I had a ticket to see the ice show, Strings. They only had one during this cruise, which was a bit disappointing. It was very good though.

An interesting starter was listed in the advance menu.

La Coruna was the final port. I’d asked at the beginning of the cruise about tours (since I hadn’t been for nearly 5 years) but was told they were rubbish. With my back, lots of strolling would be out so I just got pics of the ship. My back makes ports boring!

Inside they were preparing for the Rock Britannia street party that night. Due to my back, I’d be unable to go (ditto everything in the cramped Royal Promenade) because I couldn’t stand so long.

We left early while I was in the Diamond Club.

Went to the show which was okay then dinner and the variation on fish fingers. They were surprisingly good. Singing waiters I didn’t manage to avoid then bed.

Our final day at sea as we returned to Southampton, coming out of the Bay of Evil before noon. It was initially bouncy but then calmed down.

Our arrival on the 11th November was freezing and dark. We hit a small fog bank passing Dock Head which Queen Victoria also went through before Adonia emerged through sea mist as the sun began to rise. I then went and grabbed my stuff and left the ship after a generally enjoyable return. And the Schooner Bar STILL smells as it did on the maiden – new!

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