Radiance of the Seas Cruise – Hobart to Dunedin

Sailaway was 7pm after one bus load of tour people arrived at 6.45pm. The sun was setting, making it really beautiful but a bit chilly.
Radiance OTS 1778
Dinner then a quick drink in the Quill & Compass before bed.

We had a sea day as we headed towards Melbourne. Bit of a lazy day. The show was comedy juggler, Marty Coffee, who’s American but lives in Australia. But due to a rehearsal technical hitch, we ended up with Polish violinist Joanna Marie Frankel, who was actually a passenger sailing with her bridge officer hubby, for 15 minutes then the act for half an hour.
Radiance OTS 1874
Radiance OTS 1981

Melbourne was our last Australian port until we arrived in Sydney on the 9th April.
Radiance OTS 1987
Radiance OTS 1988
It was Easter Sunday but many things were open. An early start as I was meeting Sheena and Steve Dalton, who would be showing me around. We rode the City Circle Tram, which is free before heading back to the car via the Yarra River.
Radiance OTS 2053
Radiance OTS 2054
Radiance OTS 2080
Then got a nice pic of the ship before lunch.
Radiance OTS 2082
Quick look at steam strains being restored, met their kids and dog Kia then headed back to the ship.
Radiance OTS 2115
Radiance OTS 2129
Radiance OTS 2133
It was quite cool for sailaway but a gorgeous view of the Melbourne skyline from the ship.
Radiance OTS 2171
Radiance OTS 2193
Radiance OTS 2198
At dinner we had sort of Hot Cross buns and a small chocolate Easter Egg each.
Radiance OTS 2205
Radiance OTS 2206

The 1st April was another sea day. Temperature outside was about 16c but people were in woollies – except me! I got some strange looks indeed!
Radiance OTS 2246
I rushed through dinner to escape O Sole Mio! The show was City of Dreams, which had great costumes but bugger all story.
Radiance OTS 2301
Radiance OTS 2707

Another sea day and lazy one. Raining and bumpy. Most of the TV had changed so we had TCM as well as the webcam getting its own channel. Didn’t do much apart from Diamond Club and dinner.
Radiance OTS 2816
The one advantage of having a cabin below the theatre is you hear the rehearsals so decide whether it’s worth going or not.

Landfall – sort of! We reached New Zealand on the 3rd. It was pouring as we headed towards Milford Sound. The pilot was picked up at 6.30am and we entered the Sound in the dark, stopping at Lady Bowen waterfall to drop the 105 or whatever off for their overnight tour to Queenstown, rejoining the ship in Dunedin. Many were up sheltering on the top deck. They were selling hot chocolate which you could have with or without Tia Maria. I opted for without and the flask was lovely and warm on my hands! It was definitely better when it started getting light.
Radiance OTS 2826
Radiance OTS 2887
Radiance OTS 2893
We did a 360 degree turn so everyone could see everything before heading off towards the exit of the Sound, stopping in front of Stirling Falls for a while.
Radiance OTS 2912
Radiance OTS 2922
Radiance OTS 2999
Radiance OTS 3006
We continued through until reaching open sea.
Radiance OTS 3024
Radiance OTS 3057
It was hell on earth back in the open water as Radiance of the Seas became Rollercoaster of the Seas! We even went through a hail shower so had to dodge them as well as stay upright!
Radiance OTS 3084
Radiance OTS 3094
Radiance OTS 3103
Radiance OTS 3127
Radiance OTS 3145
Such a relief to enter Thompson Sound, sail around Secretary Island then exited via Doubtful Sound.
Radiance OTS 3157
Radiance OTS 3179
Radiance OTS 3200
Back to the really rough seas. I love it but it played hell with my back and knee and was definitely the worst I’ve ever been on. I’d bought another flask of hot choc, without Baileys, and retreated to the cabin to rest, trying desperately to stay on the sofa. Finally we came to our final part of Fiordland, as we went through Break Sea Sound, around Resolution Island and heading back towards the open sea via Dusky Sound. This one was all weather but freezing.
Radiance OTS 3215
Radiance OTS 3250
Radiance OTS 3266
Radiance OTS 3278
Radiance OTS 3311
Radiance OTS 3312
Radiance OTS 3326
Defrosted until dinner after a fantastic day then went to bed since it was an early start.

A smooth ride to Dunedin where we arrived 30 mins later than our 8am schedule and it was cold but dry.
Radiance OTS 3341

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