Sydney Stalking

I arrived in Sydney aboard Radiance of the Seas on the 9th April 2013 and stayed a few days to see some ships. As it was the end of the season, there weren’t many but we begin with Radiance.
Radiance OTS 5134
Radiance OTS 5162
Radiance OTS 5179
Radiance OTS 5221
Radiance OTS 5239
Radiance OTS 5250

The 10th was Pacific Jewel. which I’d last seen on the 25th April 2007 when she set off on her maiden voyage as Ocean Village Two. She was also the original Crown Princess as well as AIDAblu.
Radiance OTS 5282
Radiance OTS 5301
Radiance OTS 5321
Radiance OTS 5406
Radiance OTS 5415
Radiance OTS 5432

11th saw Carnival Spirit. I’d gone back to sleep so missed her arrival.
Radiance OTS 5457
Radiance OTS 5491
Radiance OTS 5499
Radiance OTS 5538
Radiance OTS 5551
Radiance OTS 5562

My final ship on the 12th was Rhapsody of the Seas but I’d be in the air when she sailed. The roof of the hotel doesn’t open until 6am so I went down to see her.
Radiance OTS 5568
Radiance OTS 5617
Radiance OTS 5631

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1 Response to Sydney Stalking

  1. Steve Dalton says:

    Excellent photos Pat. Sydney is the best place in Australia (Well I think so) for ship spotting, the fact that the heads are so close to the ports it makes it a good place to watch. I have done a few days up there myself, flying up for the day for the sole purpose of ship spotting. One day I think I ended up with 7 cruise ships, including Balmoral, the Cunards, P&O and a couple of others, that was over 2 years ago. I did not get a chance to do a huge amount of ship spotting this year, in Sydney or Melbourne, Pacific Jewel is in Melbourne today and that’s the last for the season, next one due Sept 25. Anyway photos are great and thank you for sharing.

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