Norwegian Breakaway Transatlantic – Sea Days

Our first sea day to New York on the 1st May was sunny but a bit chilly. We gained an hour but I forgot to change it on the phone so thought it was later than it was. I had a wander around the Waterfront on Deck 8 and also inspect the Prom deck below and compare to Epic’s awful one. The Waterfront is the almost wrap around Prom deck missing on Epic and also has outside seating for the restaurants.
Breakaway 1353Breakaway 484
Breakaway 471
Breakaway 475
Below the Prom deck isn’t as enclosed as Epic’s but does have some bumps in front of doors which take you by surprise.
Breakaway 495
Breakaway 500
Breakaway 501
After lunch in O’Sheehan’s, it was time to check out some other areas. The weather had turned cloudy and colder so there weren’t many out.
Breakaway 524
Breakaway 533
Breakaway 553
Breakaway 579
Bit of shopping and then trying to avoid the fabulous food until dinner. My aircon was cold even when on hot so I reported it before 7pm. No one came so I went for dinner. The Manhattan Room had a massive queue, Taste were handing out pagers so I ended up at Savor, which were also giving pagers. I was thanked when I said I don’t mind sharing so was put on a table with an American lady from Kansas called Mary Jane. An American couple joined us and we had a great evening.

The second sea day had us gain another hour but I still slept in. After lunch in the Garden Café, I reported the aircon again before 1pm. After a 40 minute wait, a maintenance man came. He returned two hours later with a friend. As soon as he started working, the TV went off. He’d accidentally touched something. I went to meet Mary Jane for a drink at 4pm and we ended up watching the Wii in the Atrium before the Captain’s speech and photos. It was optional dressing up. A few did, most didn’t. Mark and Marie came along and we went our separate ways after the photos, they to get dinner in the Manhattan Room, me to see The Second City in Headliners. It was like Whose Line is it Anyway? And really funny.
Breakaway 685
After dinner in the Garden Café I met Mark, Marie, her mum and stepdad in Headliners for Howl at the Moon at 9.30pm which was good but they had a habit of doing later requests first and choosing what they preferred to play from the piles so 3 hours later, Marie’s still hadn’t been done. We gave up waiting then and said goodnight.
Breakaway 717

The 3rd May was a fun day! We gain an hour and I was about to go back to sleep when a wave hit the window – wooo!!!! It was going to be a great day. Let’s see what this baby is made of! It was mainly swells rather than wind and she was fairly stable. They cancelled Cirque Dreams for safety.
Breakaway 776
Breakaway 781
Breakaway 818
Breakaway 851
Breakaway 871
Breakaway 877
Rock of Ages was at 10pm and excellent! Finished at 11.45pm so I went for a stroll around the Waterfront with Mark and Marie.
Breakaway 906
Breakaway 921

The wind speed was higher on the 4th but swells not as high. The ship was still doing well as we were now 4 hours behind the UK. It was nice .
Breakaway 1031
Breakaway 1069
The Cirque Dreams show wasn’t cancelled so I went to the 5.45pm show. The costumes were stunning though I was a little surprised it was only 70 minutes, ending during dessert. It seemed to lack something the one I’d seen on Epic had. The set menu was Surf & Turf, which didn’t go down well at my table so three of them asked for chicken. The beef came medium but I asked for well done and no surf. One couple on my table had no balcony partition for the first couple of days. Apparently some blew off en route to Southampton due to strong winds. The other couple noticed screws of their being tightened. I was so tired I had an early night.
Breakaway 1103
Breakaway 1116
Breakaway 1135

Penultimate sea day and our final hour gained so we were on New York time. I was up after 9am so went for breakfast in O’Sheehan’s. I heard my only Captain’s 10am announcement this entire trip. A couple of American men came in expecting lunch! I spotted on the horizon a fat Cunarder on her way from New York to Southampton but she was hard to see because of our different routes.
Breakaway 1204
Breakaway 1229
Breakaway 1247
In the afternoon I met Facebook friend, Jonathan Gardner, who I hadn’t realised was 2nd Officer. I thought he was a passenger! Apparently they did the fireworks the previous night even though nothing was advertised and it was meant to be the last night. After lunch in the vibrating Garden Café, it was the 4pm quiz in Fatcats. Got 9/20. It was Burn The Floor at 7pm and for some reason the doors opened ten minutes before time instead of 30, so our cards were scanned as we waited and waited and waited!
Breakaway 1368
Breakaway 1380
Breakaway 1421
A quick bite in O’Sheehan’s afterwards but since I could get into the Manhattan Room at last I took advantage of that. I couldn’t have veg due to bell peppers so got a baked potato. Don’t like shrimp so just had the beef and sadly it was a bit fatty. My waiter was great though! So tired so back to the room.

The final full day and not even an extra hour to enjoy it! After a brief wander, it was lunch in the Garden Café. Once I returned to the cabin I found a crappy wristband. This was how much we mean to NCL. A privileged minority get a canvas Inaugural Transatlantic bag but only if your name’s on a list. I could understand Haven or top tier Latitudes but not just random. They claimed it was from the travel agent yet different nationalities AND travel agents. If they gave them the last night it wouldn’t have been so bad but everyone without have seen them for five days. Also, after having cold air in the public rooms and so-so heat in the cabins, today we were being boiled! It was so oppressive. If they want to make us eager to leave it’s working!
Breakaway 1457
Breakaway 1463
At 2.15pm was CEO Kevin Sheehan in the theatre but he only allowed time for three questions. Crew show after that for about 20 minutes.
Breakaway 1533
Breakaway 1752
Explored the foggy deck but no fog horn was going surprisingly.
Breakaway 1773
Dinner in O’Sheehan’s and The Quest at 10.30pm in the Atrium, moved from Spice H2O. The fog horn was going now! Met Mark and Marie and we just watched (or rather listened since people stood in the way) then we went on deck for the fog horn. What a way to end the crossing! Pity it would be a 5am arrival, probably foggy too.
Breakaway 1949
Breakaway 1952
Breakaway 1963
Breakaway 1990
Breakaway 1974

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