Norwegian Cruise Line Online Check-In

Unlike many other blogs, I don’t tend to do a non-cruise entry unless I’m inspired to (so no pages with news as others have), and today I’m inspired by the joke that is NCL’s online systems.

My friend Fay and I booked Norwegian Getaway. That will be her 5th cruise, but first with NCL. I’ve done over 50 (Breakaway in April hit that number). Usually online check-ins, personalisers, whatever, are straightforward when you are friends travelling together but live in different parts of the country or world. Not NCL. In fact, all is fine EXCEPT the address part because it only accepts ONE address. Unlike other cruise lines, you are not asked for it over the phone when booking, only Latitudes number and it’s assumed both people on the booking are members. I haven’t been with a friend on NCL since Norwegian Jade in 2008 so had forgotten about this as it was only my info needed for the solo cruises. Back them, the friend I was going with and I discovered this ridiculous system and for months afterwards, I would receive Latitudes newsletters with my number but addressed to her. Like now, we lived in different counties, meeting up on the day. It is incredible to believe that 5 years later their system is still a farce.

PLEASE, NCL, do something about your check-in. We’re not all couples living under the same roof, you know. It’s time you started to reflect that by allowing everyone’s address or ask for it when booking so it’s automatically part of the system.

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One Response to Norwegian Cruise Line Online Check-In

  1. Peggy says:

    We had that problem in the distant past but not lately. Our cruise in May 2013 was with friends and the online system keep both of our address properly.

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