Voyager Cruise – San Remo to Cartagena

Two tenders were running. I thought I would be the only one on mine for a long time then two more passengers plus crew turned up. Typically, more than half of those returning walked past the sanitiser. Bet they’d be the first to complain, blaming the cruise line if they got sick. Perhaps cruise lines need a disclaimer for everyone to sign to prevent the greedy selfish people plus ambulance-chasing lawyers from suing. After all, like flu, things are caught from the first carrier therefore THEY should be the ones sued. Anyway, the tender was a bit bumpy alongside the ship but it was a nice journey to the dock. A brief wander so as not to strain my back but it was fine. The tender was crowded coming back and still most walked by the sanitisers.
Sailaway was at 5pm and off we went, the Captain having warned of an impending force 7. The scenery was beautiful and there was snow on the mountain peaks. Pity about the bloody wind! It was our first formal night. Skipped the Captain’s booze up and went to get Eurodam and Berlin at Monte Carlo instead. It was lovely sitting on the aft Prom deck. A shame it was so hazy but I managed to pick Monte Carlo up in the photos – and also sunburn! Thank goodness for sundries in the shop, which I went to after dinner. Peter was on my table for the 3rd night. Lovely Welshman who has only sailed on this ship. This trip is his 4th, having begun with the maiden and he’d booked two more. Instead of an early night, I ended up watching two films on the telly.

Our first sea day and it was a surprise this hadn’t been the formal night. Had a migraine, which began the previous evening, possibly caused by the sun exposure. We also hit bad weather, which we didn’t the night before in the end. Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE rough sea – the rougher the better! But as the migraine was already making me feel ill, I didn’t appreciate it. The same thing happened on Discovery. Force 9 and I was ill with a sinus headache, that time caused by the freezing cabin. There was a solo travellers lunch in the Explorer Club Restaurant at noon, which needed an RSVP. Quite a few went, many of whom I’d never seen before. Tried sleeping afterwards to ease the migraine but the corkscrewing the ship was doing did not help. Went to the solos quiz and was on the team with two from lunch plus John. We won the tie-break after two teams got 10/10. A pen to go with the two won on Discovery. Eight of us then went to dinner. The sea had calmed now but I still had my migraine so tried to go to bed early.

We arrived at the first of four Spanish ports. I’d never been to Valencia before. There were no shuttle buses into town but an option of paying 10 euros for one or taxi. As I still had my migraine, I stayed in bed. At lunch, I sat with Peter and we finally left an hour and a half later after constantly chatting.
Sailaway was 5pm and by now the migraine had finally cleared off! The Captain announced we would be having essential maintenance the following day on the engines. Quiz and we won again! I got two of the answers, including what was Duran Duran’s second single. As the youngest on the team, I was so glad I got that. Although since I had been a fan 30 years ago, it was hard to recall the answer. Another pen. Discovery 2, Voyager 2. Four of us went to dinner and persuaded Lauren, the assistant cruise director to eat with us. Great natter. Watched another classic on the telly before going to bed.

Cartagena was the 27th April, a port I had last been to in August 2009 during the maiden voyage of Celebrity Equinox. Then we filled the entire berth. This time we had company behind us in the shape of Island Escape. We were docked by 6.40am, eighty minutes early.

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