Voyager Cruise – Cartagena to Cadiz

After breakfast, I went to ask about getting some euros, only to be told they do not put anything on your account. It has to be cash payment only, unlike other lines. Many credit cards can be only used in the UK, pin numbers forgotten because the card is barely used or not much cash carried. That is a definite minus. So I headed off the ship while it was quiet and still reasonable cool and wandered for about an hour before returning to Voyager for a kip.
On my way to the cabin, I asked a crew member if they’d begun the repairs yet. He didn’t answer that but did tell me they were replacing a cooling pipe and should be finished by 4pm. I was awoken by a maintenance man wanting to check the bedside light even though there didn’t seem to be a problem with it. I said he could do it but he kept insisting he would come back later. Lunch then wandered. While they blocked off decks 6 & 7 aft, they had done nothing going to 7 from 8. Then relaxed until time for sailaway.
Just before 5pm the Captain came on to say they had finished the work but needed to do the switchover and test everything so he expected us to depart at 6pm instead. Meanwhile, Island Escape left. The switchover was done at 6.15pm. I headed to the Sunset Bar for the quiz but Zumba was still hogging it. Lauren was on the deck between that and the gym. She told me she was so pleased someone finally got the Duran Duran answer because she no one could so had been thinking of changing it. Now she could say she knows someone who got it right. Zumba was still hogging after 6.30pm so Lauren had to chase them out. We finally moved about 6.40pm – yay!!!!! And we won the quiz again – double yay!!! No pen this time. As it was drinks themed, we would be getting a free drink at the next quiz.
Dinner and just me and Carol went, joining Carolyn. Service on that table was incredibly slow. There was a gorgeous sunset and a dolphin but he was too quick for me to photograph.

Gibraltar – wooo! I had last been here in June 2013 on the Royal Princess maiden voyage but unable to leave the port due to my back hurting. So far I had minimal twinges since beginning the long journey from Gatwick so it looked like it was finally on the mend. We were due to arrive at noon so I was up about 10am. It was very windy in the Strait but that didn’t stop the die-hards. Saga Sapphire was already docked on the outside berth. We hit the horn to make a couple in a rowing boat shift before going through the breakwater and docked the other side. I’d never been in that berth before and it was a shame the outside was barricaded so you couldn’t get a lovely bow shot now.
Lunch and I sat with Peter then headed off for photos first. Sapphire was scheduled to sail at 2pm yet they were getting her ready to go an hour earlier so I watched that then returned to my pretty one. Unusually, you didn’t have to go through security screening to reboard as every other time I’d been here. Slapped the sunscreen on then went walkabout. It was a bank holiday so many places were closed. I just wandered, bumping into dance hosts/teachers, Maureen and Jeffrey, who were heading back towards the ship. I was asked by an American if we were on the main street so had to tell her I was a tourist myself. It was very hot with very little breeze and the sunscreen I’d bought on the ship wasn’t protecting my skin at all despite supposedly being factor 30. Even Boots factor 20 prevents me burning and getting heat rash. This Malibu stuff may as well be ice cream for all the use it is. I did manage to find the seafront and took some photos of my bambina. I need a nickname for her. Maybe Gigi! There is a fabulous park with play area for the kiddos plus plenty of benches for adults. I had no idea where the hell I was going but all roads lead to shippy so just carried on walking.
I needed a long cold drink when I got back, so had two! My feet were killing me, back twinged on the home straight but was very pleased I managed almost three hours on my feet without being confined to the cabin in agony afterwards. After that exercise, it was time for afternoon tea so I took a plate of stuff back to the cabin. I love the scones. Bloody huge and so delicious! Did miss the bourbon biscuits you had on Discovery but there were custard creams, macaroons and other stuff. We got our quiz prize from the previous night of the sailaway drink but lost tonight. Lauren decided to play Scattergories which was hard. Six of us went to dinner. We were supposed to sail at 7pm but bunkering took longer. About 8.15pm, the Captain came on to say we’d be going in the next five to ten minutes but we remained firmly alongside. I dashed up to the Sun Deck and wish I’d got a cardigan! The bunker was having trouble so needed a tug to get it away from us. We sailed at 9pm. It was meant to be rough at sea so the Prom doors would be locked.

So round the corner to Cadiz. I’d never been here before but with muscles aching after Gibraltar, I decided reluctantly to stay onboard rather than risk aggravating my back. You can walk into town straight from the ship. I was up at 6am for our arrival. Celebrity Equinox was in dry dock. I had last been to Cartagena during her maiden voyage and not seen her since the day after disembarking in Civitavecchia. We were followed in by Hamburg and Sea Cloud II at sunrise then I went for breakfast. Surprise shippy guest was MSC Sinfonia, supposedly on a Black Sea cruise and meant to be in Piraeus that day.
Since I wasn’t going ashore, I decided to go back to bed. At 9am, the Captain announced they would be continuing the essential maintenance begun in Cartagena, then the aircon went quite a few minutes later when they switched over to the generator. An hour later he was on again warning about the crew drill then there was every subsequent instruction until 11.15am when I finally dozed a bit more.

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  1. Tirun says:

    Great post, a cruise is a wonderfully relaxed way of taking a vacation.

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