Southampton Airport & Cruising

Flybe, the regional airline, has been in Southampton for a long time now. Unfortunately, as they are a ‘no frills’ airline, it has made it difficult for the cruise lines to partner with them the way they do with major ones. Very rarely do I make my own flight arrangements for a cruise as often, the cruise line airfare has been less than booking yourself which includes transfers to the ship. However, when I go to the Netherlands to join a ship, I always use Flybe. Now they have added Hamburg to that.

We now operate a direct daily service from Southampton airport to Hamburg! With fares from only £49.99 one way, getting away couldn’t be easier.

With a maritime spirit, excellent shopping facilities, vibrant bars and clubs and the chance to sample some of Germany’s finest beers – It’s easy to see why Hamburg is the perfect getaway with friends and family.

Book now for travel from 26th October 2014.

With love from Flybe.

This is absolutely perfect and can work well with Cunard’s short Hamburg voyages to or from Southampton, saving the hassle of going to Heathrow or some other airport. Now they just need to have some sort of partnership with the cruise line and ensure a successful and well publicised route, perhaps still giving the luggage option the way Cunard add on a flight. In fact, it would be good if they could somehow work with all cruise lines operating here to block book flights from wherever in Europe and the UK.

Southampton airport itself needs to push its own cruise connections, including a train to Southampton Central being very cheap. Back in 2010 this was on the wall.
No idea what happened to it but there doesn’t appear to be anything indicating it is a major transport hub for the UK’s premier cruise port. Instead, I’ve seen people fresh off a ship go to Heathrow for an internal flight when they could use Southampton.

Now if Flybe can add Lisbon from Southampton I’ll be even happier. 😉

Good luck, Flybe. 😀

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