Hoegh Osaka Departure

The car carrier, Hoegh Osaka, set sail from Southampton as usual on the 3rd January 2015. Before she got too far, they realised she was in trouble so the pilot and Master took the decision to deliberately ground her on the Brambles sandbank to save lives and the cargo. She was eventually towed back into Southampton on the 22nd, docking in City Terminal various inspections as well as offloading the cars. Most had what appeared to be minor damage from the pictures in various media. We had snow in the morning of the 3rd February which thankfully had gone by the afternoon so my dad and I went to Mayflower Park for some photos while she was still there. Meanwhile, another damaged ship was also in port. G Poseidon had a hole in the hull during her sailing and came here to be repaired, moving her to Mayflower Terminal to make way for the Hoegh.

G Poseidon in Mayflower Terminal

G Poseidon in Mayflower Terminal

Hoegh Docked 02
Hoegh Docked 03
Hoegh Docked 04
Hoegh Docked 05
Hoegh Docked 06
Hoegh Docked 07
Hoegh Docked 08
Hoegh Docked 09

The last vehicles to be removed had more serious damage and needed special equipment. Once that was done, she was scheduled to sail at noon for dry docking in Falmouth. As it was one of my volunteering days, I wouldn’t finish in time so gave up on seeing her off. However, she was delayed, the tugs went to help another sail instead. My dad and I got there around 2pm as Svitzer Sarah and Svitzer Bargate were coming back. ITV Meridian were there but I couldn’t see BBC South anywhere. Lomax could be seen better now, complete with shower cap covering where the antenna Hoegh Osaka damaged used to be.
Hoegh Leaves 01
Hoegh Leaves 02

Lomax under repair

Lomax under repair

Around 20 minutes late, the ropes began to go. There was a bit of trouble with one but they sorted it.
Hoegh Leaves 05
Hoegh Leaves 06
Hoegh Leaves 07
Hoegh Leaves 08
Hoegh Leaves 09
Hoegh Leaves 10
Hoegh Leaves 11
Hoegh Leaves 12
Hoegh Leaves 13
Hoegh Leaves 14
The tugs let go and returned to base, leaving her to sail under her own steam to Falmouth, back transmitting as Hoegh Osaka, leaving her Wreck name behind.
Hoegh Leaves 15
Hoegh Leaves 16
Hoegh Leaves 17
Hoegh Leaves 18
Once she is repaired in Falmouth, which is likely to take two or three weeks, she will return to Southampton, load up with cars and continue on her original route to Bremerhaven.

Earlier photos of her are here. https://linerlovers.wordpress.com/2015/01/22/hoegh-osaka/

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3 Responses to Hoegh Osaka Departure

  1. As usual , lots of great information and pictures… thank you / Rob

  2. Helen says:

    I’m curious to see she was to continue on to Bremerhaven. Did that happen?
    Yesterday when we were walking at Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia we saw a ship on the horizon. Checking marine traffic it said that it was the Hoegh Osaka. The port prior to Baltimore was listed as one in Italy.
    I think I’m going to enjoy reading your blog!

    • Hello Helen,

      No. She left Falmouth after the repairs and headed to Gibraltar and the Med instead. She’s certainly getting around and glad she made it across the pond safely after all this. 🙂

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