2015 Solar Eclipse

On the 20th March, parts of the northern hemisphere will have a solar eclipse. In the UK, it will only be partial, unlike 1999, but the farther north you head, the more of the sun will be covered, varying from 80% south of Birmingham to 98% north of Glasgow. Around the Faroe Islands, Norway and towards the Arctic Circle, there will be totality and several British cruise lines have embarked on special cruises.

The first to announce a cruise was Voyages of Discovery. Their Voyager trip from Portsmouth sold out quickly. Fred Olsen have sent three of theirs (Boudicca, Black Watch and Braemar) after each again sold out. Cruise & Maritime are also letting their passengers see the event by laying on Marco Polo and Azores while their new flagship, Magellan, arrives at the Faroe Islands on her maiden voyage. Saga Cruises have sent Saga Sapphire, while Pearl will be in Southampton during the blackout. Originally P&O were just having a normal itinerary for Oriana but she will now divert and join the rest. Their passengers and crew will all be in the centre of the action and it will certainly be a once in a lifetime experience for them.

I was on Vision of the Seas crossing from Lisbon to the Caribbean in October 2013 when there was a partial eclipse and was very excited. Pity I slept through it in the end by setting my alarm wrong. Grrr!

For those onboard and the rest of us sadly stuck on land, enjoy the eclipse (cloud cover permitting!) and stay safe!

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