The Fantastic Four – Fred. Olsen in Bergen

Well what a day this was for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines and Bergen. Braemar left first from Dover on the 18th followed by Black Watch (Liverpool 23rd), Balmoral (Southampton 25th) and finally Boudicca (Newcastle 26th). I watched Balmoral sail.
I flew out for just this day because there was no way I could miss such a unique occasion. My hotel wasn’t too far from where they’d be docked but I had an early start walking in a strange place for their arrival. Fred. Olsen issued a map showing some tourist places and photo spots. Thankfully it didn’t include where I was going!

© 2015 Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

© 2015 Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

They were all due for 8am but began to appear an hour earlier with Balmoral leading the quartet. So I was up early and thankfully it was a gorgeous day.
Bergen 112

Bergen 158

Bergen 177

Bergen 206

Bergen 284

Bergen 328
I had a port pass arranged for me though had no idea where to get it from. Unusually there is no visitor’s pass card and you have your passport returned. Well I and an American surveying Black Watch for wifi were a little uneasy so the bloke gave us a proper pass.
Bergen 339

Bergen 342

Bergen 352

Bergen 357

Bergen 378

Bergen 383

Bergen 393

Bergen 894

Bergen 902

Bergen 911
I’d booked a harbour tour for some great shots and hoped it wouldn’t rain. It’s so unusual seeing any two of the Royal Viking sisters together that I ended up a little biased and took most pictures of Black Watch and Boudicca. Well they are just so gorgeous and grand old ladies now, thankfully cherished by Fred. Olsen Cruise Line.
Bergen 425
Bergen 440

Bergen 448

Bergen 463

Bergen 472

Bergen 502

Bergen 545

Bergen 595

Bergen 815

Bergen 819

Bergen 856
They had some entertainment from all four ships on the quayside by Braemar. Passengers and crew alike were screaming encouragement for their ships’ crew during the cheerleading and tug-of-war.
Bergen 874

Bergen 881

Bergen 887
Bergen 924

Bergen 960

Bergen 983
And so it was time for them to say goodbye. I braved my fear of heights to go up Mount Floyen for that. Bang on the dot of 6pm they began to move.
Bergen 999

Bergen 1007

Bergen 1010

Bergen 1011

Bergen 1130

Bergen 1159

Bergen 1175

Bergen 1206

Bergen 1222

Bergen 1241

Bergen 1263

Bergen 1275

Bergen 1310

Bergen 1349
All good things must come to an end but what a good thing it was. Talking to various passengers during my travels today made me wish I’d been Braemar since I haven’t done her yet and her crew were the loudest yellers during the dock games. Fred. Olsen did their passengers proud.

A comprehensive review with more photos of the day will appear on Liner Lovers after I get home.

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