Red Arrows in Southampton – 4th Time Lucky!

Southampton hasn’t had much luck getting the Red Arrows displays because usually the heavy advertising ended up being matched by heavy rain.

5th June 2012 was the Cunard Jubilee Rendezvous where all three Queens were together. Rain, wind and low cloud.
3rd July 2012 was P&O’s Grand event where all seven ships were together. Rain, wind and low cloud.
2nd July 2015 was Cunard’s 175 QM2 departure. Low cloud and wind at Bournemouth delaying take off before low cloud in the port buggered up even a flypast.

There’s a common denominator there. 😉

The 12th September started off wet and windy with low cloud but thankfully everything bar the wind disappeared as the day wore on. This display was for the annual Boat Show, which has been around slightly longer than me – yikes! Today was the first official day and it runs until the 20th. They arrived bang on time at 3.45pm and gave a spectacular display which was worth waiting more than 3 years to see.

Britannia 235
Britannia 240
Britannia 238
Britannia 242
Britannia 253
Britannia 256
Britannia 260
Britannia 262
Britannia 266
Britannia 267
Britannia 270
Britannia 271
Britannia 273
Britannia 274
Britannia 275
Britannia 277
Britannia 280
Britannia 282
Britannia 289
Britannia 291
Britannia 294
Britannia 297
Britannia 299
Britannia 301
Britannia 305
Britannia 307
Britannia 319
Britannia 324
Britannia 325
Britannia 326

Now the ‘south coast curse’ (Carnival UK event curse?) has been broken, hopefully if they return in future it will also be gorgeous weather.

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2 Responses to Red Arrows in Southampton – 4th Time Lucky!

  1. Great pictures
    Yes we waited and waited and hoping
    That day on QM2 but alas it did not happen

  2. These are just lovely shots – I had views from the other side of the heart

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