Hotspur IV & Asterix

The beautiful, classic Hythe ferry, Hotspur IV, has been laid up rotting getting on for 18 months. Despite Malcolm Wade, Liberal councillor, making a few gestures, STILL nothing has changed except he got himself something new for the scrapbook. It’s absolutely heartbreaking knowing she could be alongside Hythe pier now if she’d been looked after properly.
Hotspur 001
Hotspur 002
Hotspur 003
Hotspur 005
Hotspur 004
Hotspur 006
Hotspur 007
Hotspur 008
Hotspur 009
Hotspur 011
Hotspur 016
Hotspur 018

Meanwhile the tug Asterix was nearby. Based at Fawley since 2014, she capsized in a storm on the 31st March 2015 while undocking a chemical tanker and both crew were rescued. She was successfully salvaged after 6 days on the 12th April. The investigation is currently ongoing.
Hotspur 012
Hotspur 014
Hotspur 015

To read more about the Hythe ferry, go here to an earlier post.

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3 Responses to Hotspur IV & Asterix

  1. Great photos Liner Lover! Think we need some Hotspur fans to help

    • Thank you southamptonoldlady. I had an update from the National Historic Ships people (White Horse NEVER tell them anything so they keep having to ask). They have been told, “Engines being removed to access area where hull’s thickness can be assessed. Seems condition check ongoing”. However the friend who took me to see her said he hadn’t seen anyone near her for ages.

  2. Steven Jones says:

    Don’t suppose if you know if she’s still there? Or what happened to her if not?

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