Saga’s New Spirit of Discovery

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog due to work then health issues when a routine operation went wrong, leaving me fighting for my life. My last was about the history of Saga Cruises after the announcement they had ordered a brand new ship so it’s apt, in their 20th anniversary year, my next is about their brand new ship, which is due in 2019. Now named Spirit of Discovery, they have taken inspiration from their past vessels while looking towards the future.

One thing which delights me about Spirit of Discovery is there will be 100 dedicated single cabins, all with balconies. Half of my current 64 cruises have been solo so it’s good to see a line making a real effort to cater for an increasing number of travellers rater than adding a few token cabins. Also, unlike many lines, which build ships to grab as much cash from passengers as they can, Saga will maintain what their current passengers already love about the product including being all-inclusive and paying the crew proper wages. The ship may be their biggest to date at 55,900grt, but you can be guaranteed she will retain the cosy feel Saga has become well known and loved for.

Advance Registration can be made by calling 0800 015 4310 for a low refundable price of £90, and also get a 5% discount off the price.

Rather than copy and paste the press release, I’ll let Saga’s official video do the talking.

To register for updates about the ship go to the Saga website.

The countdown to one of the most exciting newbuilds this decade begins now!

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2 Responses to Saga’s New Spirit of Discovery

  1. Heyes Helen says:

    I’ve checked in from time to time to see if there was anything new. I’m sorry to hear that you have had health issues. I look forward to reading the posts I have missed.
    My mother has taken frequent holidays with saga (sex and games after fifty she tells me!). Since my father died she goes on her own but always manages to make friends.
    She is taking a P+O cruise next week, if she enjoys it I will mention saga cruises to her.

    • Hello Helen. Thank you. I’m still not finished with hospitals but hopefully I’ll be back to normal in the next few months. 🙂

      I hope your mum has a wonderful time. It’s good she enjoys travelling solo. You do meet more people and solo travellers are on the rise. She may like Cruise and Maritime. Their supplements are pretty low and they set aside some dedicated solo cabins.

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