Hythe Ferry Progress Report 2

Well slightly sooner than intended for an update but that’s because I went to see some progress and also catch up with an old, much-missed friend.

Hotspur IV has been at Saxon Wharf for three years thanks to White Horse Ferries deliberately running her down to dispose of. She was sold in 2016 to be done up as a houseboat but so far the new owners pop in, do bugger all then disappear for months. She has a hole in the bottom of her hull and no engines. There is a rumour she could be a museum ship in Hythe but as much as I love her and don’t want her scrapped, some realism is needed. She needs a fortune spending on her for a start. Then there is the interest – or lack of it. Tourists won’t care while locals and ship nuts will soon lose interest once the novelty has worn off. The poor old girl will end up back where she is now and no one wants that. Doubtless I will be disagreed with but that is my opinion.

My dad who used to take me on the ferry as a kid.

Meanwhile a little bit along, Great Expectations was undergoing her annual refit. Another victim of White Horse Ferries terrible management, and they built her! This refit will be shorter than usual but once things have settled down, Lee Rayment of Blue Funnel has promised vast improvements to her.

It’s very sad that these two will never be side by side alongside Hythe pier any longer. For 20 years they were very much part of the scenery. 😦

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