Welcome Back Norwegian Cruise Line!

Until 2008, Southampton only saw the odd ship. Norway was a semi-regular caller since 1980 and we also saw Norwegian Crown (now Balmoral), which I missed.

Dover was their UK home port so it was a surprise to get Norwegian Pearl in December 2006 fresh from her inaugural before heading across the Atlantic.

They decided to try Norwegian Jade out for three months in 2008 and 2009. She had not long been changed from Pride of Hawai’i only a few months prior.

They didn’t advertise it well so they didn’t do very well and they pulled out. It wasn’t just us either. They moved their ship from Dover to Copenhagen, reducing a Baltic cruise by 3 days. So we kept seeing new ones, beginning with Norwegian Epic in June 2010 followed by Norwegian Breakaway in April 2013 and Norwegian Getaway in January 2014.

Kevin O’Sheehan, doing a Q&A on the Breakaway transatlantic, ruled out ships going to China or Australia due to Star Cruises. He told me they wouldn’t return to the UK due to “sea days”, despite having them from New York, Florida and other ports, not to mention repositioning cruises. He goes and it is announced ships will be going everywhere he ruled out. Norwegian Joy was designed for the Chinese market. Meanwhile, back came the rest. Norwegian Getaway made a brief return during a repositioning to Copenhagen on the 12th May 2017. Due to weather, she was several hours late.

Two days later, on the 14th, Norwegian Jade returned to do northern European cruises from Southampton and Hamburg.

A the time of writing, Jade was scheduled to return in 2018. Meanwhile, before that, we see the brand new Norwegian Bliss in April followed by a brief return for Norwegian Breakaway in May and October.

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