Parade of Sail 2017

The inaugural event took place on the 27th May, during Southampton Sailing Week. Unfortunately, after a glorious week, the weather changed but at least it had stopped raining. The schedule of events went like this:

12:15pm – An announcement over radio channel VHF Channel 14 will ask all River Itchen Marinas to prepare for departure. This should allow for those heading from Kemps Quay and Saxon Wharf to file in behind those exiting Shamrock at approx.

12:30pm. The Mayor will lead the parade from Shamrock Quay, all vessels berthing here shall follow the parade route.

12:20pm – Town Quay and ABP berths set off to meet the parade at Dock Head following marshal boat

12:25pm – The Mayor passes Ocean Village Marina, those departing this marina should depart and join the parade following the marshal boat.

12:30pm – Larger vessels meet the parade at Dock Head, please note that normal traffic will be in operation so please communicate with VTS on VHF channel 12 before crossing.

12:40pm – Parade passes Dock Head and a Svitzer Tug will now lead the parade with its fire equipment engaged – PLEASE DO NOT GO NEAR OR ATTEMPT TO OVERTAKE THE WATER FLOW FROM THE TUG AS YOU WILL SINK.

13:25pm – First vessels are expected at Hamble Point Cardinal, please disperse and move away from the parade until all vessels have reached this point.

Shieldhall set off from berth 110 and hung around off Town Quay while the brand new Svitzer Adira would be the one leading. Shieldhall blew her famous whistle as the parade began towards Hamble Point.

For more information about Southampton Sailing Week on their website.

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