Return of the P&O Prodigal

Okay maybe not quite but it felt like it. How many ships get two fire tug salutes when they re-enter the same fleet? I don’t mean things like Canberra’s return from the Falklands but after a brief time away with a sister brand. That’s what Adonia has received, the baby of the current P&O fleet.

She first arrived, the second ship with that name, on the 20th May 2011 after transfer from Princess Cruises. In the absence of the slightly larger Artemis, she became extremely popular with those who prefer a small ship experience. That day, Ventura and Oriana were also in port.

She left the P&O fleet, though was still managed by them, in April 2016, sailing for Carnival’s new brand, Fathom. Impact voyages sailed to the Dominican Republic and Cuba, creating US history as Cuba was opened up to Americans. 14 months later, she was back at home in Southampton. Again, it was sunny but just the one P&O ship in this time in the form of Azura, as she headed to the Upper Swinging Ground and greeted her fleet mate before returning back down and docking in the QEII Terminal.

Welcome back!

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