What is Happening to Cruising?

The latest news about 23 people on Carnival Legend fighting and threatening passengers is very worrying. Security trying to control evidence is even more worrying. The guilty parties were offloaded during a diversion to Eden before getting back on course for Melbourne where everyone will disembark.

This is just the latest incident in a long line. On the 11th February, 6 people were removed from the P&O Australia ship, Pacific Explorer, after a brawl where a woman glassed someone. There is also video of two men fighting on a Carnival ship out of the US.

Since I started cruising in 2006, there have been fights resulting in passengers kicked off or arrested, murder, rape and an increase in people ‘falling off’, which anyone who has cruised knows is impossible unless you’re climbing or sitting on the rail or thrown overboard. None thankfully on my cruises but the way things are going, it’s only a matter of time.

What is happening to this safe, fun environments we all love? Is it the cuts to boost profit, resulting in less crew to look after everyone’s safety? Is it the heavily discounted fares to fill the ships since the mass market lines have too many and keep building even bigger ones? Is it the unlimited alcohol packages? Is it just people becoming selfish with it being their ‘right’ to behave how they like and crew or security afraid to step in for fear of being accused of assault and sued?

Enough is enough cruise lines! There is so much bad press over the above plus norovirus, at least a quarter of Carnival ships failing CDC inspections (including the newer ones) with things like food hidden in crew areas. Then there are the mechanical breakdowns within a year of having a refit, poor maintenance, fires. It’s enough to put you off cruising for life! It certainly may the newer cruisers they wish to attract while seasoned cruisers may just decide a land holiday is safer.

As someone who has done 66 cruises on 34 ships and 10 cruise lines, most of which have been solo, even I’m beginning to become wary as violence and ‘accidents’ happen more often. I’m used to fending off creeps who think every single woman is gagging for it – and they’re sober! Would the crew be there for me if I was in danger or just leave me to it? Something has got to give.

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