What Next For The Astor Sisters?

News today that CMV Travel & Leisure Group has purchased Pacific Eden from Carnival Corporation to summer for Transocean Kreuzfahrten in Germany and winter in Australia. This is currently done by Astor so you have to wonder what future she has.

Entering service in 1987 and designed as a slightly larger version to her predecessor, she had a few owners but has been Astor the longest and with Transocean since 2001.

Astor in Zeebrugge 2008

Astor in Southampton 2012

She isn’t the only former Safmarine Astor to face an uncertain future. The original from 1981, now Saga Pearl II, is ending her career with Saga in April 2019 after 9 years. At one time, she was a fleetmate to her sister under the Transocean banner as Astoria (not to be confused with the CMV ship of the same name) until 2009.

Astoria in Southampton 2008

Saga Pearl II in Southampton 2015

So, what is to become of these sisters? While CMV have their classics, they have also expanded in recent years by acquiring larger tonnage such as Magellan and Columbus. Far too many old girls have become memories and history or end their days as casino ships in the Far East. Will these or will someone reunite them to sail together again? I hope we find out soon.

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