70th Cruise!!!

I can’t believe I’ve done so many, though have slowed down a lot since my 50th on Norwegian Breakaway in 2013. That’s due to work and ongoing health issues over the past couple of years so getting my priorities right since I pay for them myself. No bloggers freebies for me!

It’s hard to believe, when I started with a short trip on the QE2 in 2006, I would ever do so many. My dad certainly thought I’d grow out of it within a couple of years. Yet here he is sharing this milestone with me on what is his second cruise.

And what ship do I celebrate on? The appropriately aged 70 year old Astoria! 😍 It’s only an overnight, booked so my dad could try her while she’s around since, at that time, there were no 2019 cruises. It wasn’t originally the 70th but others kept being added before it so worked out that way.

Some people are sniffy about short cruises, saying it’s not “real cruising”. Tell that to the cruise lines who sell them and add them to your loyalty club points.

For many it’s all they can afford or have time to do due to commitments, while others just enjoy the break away. Three nights on Black Watch after a horrendously stressful year when my mum was dying and I needed surgery, was just what I needed. So don’t knock it, snobby people! A cruise is a cruise whether one night or a thousand.

But back to my milestone as I aim for my 100th. I’m glad it’s on the beautiful Astoria. I have often been asked which is my favourite ship but I like so many I’ve sailed on. It took 34 to finally find it. I cannot explain why she beats the rest but I certainly hope Cruise and Maritime Voyages continue to charter her until she cannot go on any longer.

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