Saga Sapphire & Spirit of Discovery in Dover

The 4th July 2019 had the former Saga flagship meeting the new one in their only time in either of their homeports before Sapphire leaves the fleet in May 2020.

Since I had seen Sapphire and Ruby on the same date in 2013 and the final joint departure of Sapphire and Pearl eleven months earlier, I headed to Dover to see this occasion.

Discovery had sailed on her showcase at lunchtime a day late on the 3rd and returned for 9pm after sailing past Saga HQ and tootled about. Sapphire arrived at 1am on the 4th and sailed almost three hours late.

Discovery is being named by The Duchess of Cambridge on the 5th but, unlike other ceremonies worldwide, there will be no fireworks and she’s already had what is usuallt the press jolly.

Instead she will sail on another showcase on the 8th followed by the fireworks at 9.45pm as she sets out on her maiden voyage on the 10th.

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