Cunard World Club

Cunard is one of the last cruise lines to still decide loyalty tier based on number of cruises. When P&O took over management from the end of 2007 and changed many things, I was surprised this unfair system remained. Likewise when HAL Group subsequently became managers in July 2017.

Currently the tiers stand as this:

Silver – One cruise completed
Gold – Two voyages or 20 nights
Platinum – Seven voyages or 70 nights
Diamond – Fifteen voyages or 150 nights.

Many other lines changed theirs due to people booking mostly short cruises to rise up the tiers yet Cunard, with it’s numerous ones, has now far too many Diamonds.

There were rumours in 2012 of a revamp, going to points per night and introducing a Sapphire tier. Nothing happened.

Is it fair a Diamond, having accumulated 30 nights by only doing 2 night Hamburg cruises for example, receive the same benefits as someone with over 200 or 2000 nights?

I am currently Diamond with 93 nights. I don’t mind going back down to Platinum as long as there is a fairer system in its place, which is far too long overdue.

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2 Responses to Cunard World Club

  1. Derek Winter says:

    Seems perfectly fair to me

  2. Sue bach says:

    I’d rather they acknowledge solo passengers paying almost bounce for a balcony . Not fair people in insides get the same as I do ….

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