I’m Patricia from Southampton and I love ships!  Together with Amy in Los Angeles, we run Liner Lovers. We are a bit fussy though and it’s mainly of the cruise variety.  I was born in 1969, same year QE2 and Maxim Gorkiy entered service.  Born in Kent to various northern, southern and Irish heritage, including those who worked in docks and lived near Hythe, Southampton since 1972.  My dad took me to see the France leave for the last time in 1974 and I became hooked. Sadly he took no photos of this but he did get home movie footage of Northern Star the following year heading to the breakers, which can be found on our YouTube channel.

Fresh from disembarking Norwegan Epic in Southampton 22nd June 2010

The best day of my ship nut life came courtesy of my friend, the late journalist, Steve Read, when he asked if I’d like to hold his video as he recorded 6 ships in Southampton back on the 5th January 2011. Sadly Steve died suddenly a month later. I will always be grateful to him for giving me the opportunity, especially when he showed me around his favourite, Saga Ruby. Here are some videos featuring me and Steve.

MSC Magnifica, 28th February 2010.

6 ships, 5th January 2011 (mine)

Steve’s (with me filming him)

I’m no journalist like Steve but love ships and cruising just as he did. As he sadly proved, so many ships, so little time. He was an inspiration for many ship nuts and will be greatly missed.

To date, I have sailed on 78 cruises, 36 ships and 10 cruise lines, my favourite being Astoria. I had always liked her but didn’t discover what an amazing she she is until 2017.

Unlike certain bloggers, I don’t do this for freebies but out of a passion for ships, cruising and the product.