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Farewell Oriana

As everyone will know by now, Carnival Corporation, parent company of the P&O Cruises brand, have decided to sell their former flagship. To date, the name of the buyer nor what her purpose will be, haven’t been revealed just “Chinese … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened To…The White Horse Ferries

With the excellent news that Blue Funnel Cruises took over running Hythe ferry in Hampshire from the 21st April 2017, I thought I’d do a piece about the ferries the former owners, White Horse Ferries Limited, actually built and owned … Continue reading

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Hythe Ferry Progress Report 3

The original intention for Blue Funnel Ferries Limited was to have Great Expectations back in service on the 11th May, making the refit last just 9 days. Due to finding more issues after years of neglect (which would take a … Continue reading

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Hythe Ferry Progress Report 2

Well slightly sooner than intended for an update but that’s because I went to see some progress and also catch up with an old, much-missed friend. Hotspur IV has been at Saxon Wharf for three years thanks to White Horse … Continue reading

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Hotspur IV & Asterix

The beautiful, classic Hythe ferry, Hotspur IV, has been laid up rotting getting on for 18 months. Despite Malcolm Wade, Liberal councillor, making a few gestures, STILL nothing has changed except he got himself something new for the scrapbook. It’s … Continue reading

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Save Hythe Ferry! – Updated 16th July

Like many people in the Hythe, Southampton and New Forest area, this form of transport can be a lifeline if buses aren’t running, especially Sundays and Bank Holidays when the service is more frequent than by road.  The service has … Continue reading

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