Radiance of the Seas in Fremantle

It was the day I’d flown almost 10,000 miles for – Radiance of the Seas had finally caught me up in Fremantle! I’d arrived in Perth just after midnight on the 16th so the ship was lagging somewhat behind. A very early start as we headed out at 5am, arriving 25 mins later. It was pretty chilly as autumn was well and truly setting in this week. They had built up the opposite area of the port since I was last here in 2006, meaning you’d spot your prey which would then vanish behind umpteen buildings! The pilot was going out for her as we neared the maritime museum and then it was just a matter of waiting. She began to appear just before ten to six and was docked by 6.30am.
Radiance OTS 094
Radiance OTS 098
Radiance OTS 107
Radiance OTS 115
Radiance OTS 123
Radiance OTS 133
Radiance OTS 144
Radiance OTS 149
Radiance OTS 151
Radiance OTS 155
Radiance OTS 158
Radiance OTS 173
Radiance OTS 183
Radiance OTS 192
Radiance OTS 198
Back to my friend Juanita’s for breakfast since she arrived at a good time. We could miss the rush hour traffic rather than stay in Freo until it was time for me to check in.

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One Response to Radiance of the Seas in Fremantle

  1. Steve Dalton says:

    Rush hour in Perth…. Yeah Right… LOL

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